World Theatre Day Message 2016 by Anatoli Vassiliev

World Theatre Day Message 2016 by Anatoli Vassiliev
Do we need theatre?
That is the question thousands of professionals disappointed in theatre and millions of
people who are tired of it are asking themselves.
What do we need it for?
In those years when the scene is so insignificant in comparison with the city squares and
state lands, where the authentic tragedies of real life are being played.
What is it to us?
Gold-plated galleries and balconies in the theatre halls, velvet armchairs, dirty stage wings,
well-polished actors’ voices, – or vice versa, something that might look apparently different:
black …

International Drama Colony, Grožnjan, 2015.

International Drama Colony in Grožnjan


International Dance Day 2015, 29th April

Message of International Dance Day 2015
Israel Galván’s Message

Carmen Amaya, Valeska Gert, Suzushi Hanayagi, Michael Jackson…I see them as energy-generating turbines and this makes me think about the importance of choreography on that energy of the dancer. The important thing is probably not the choreography, but specifically that energy, the whirlwind which it triggers.
I imagine a Tesla coil attracting them all and emitting a healing ray and causing a metamorphosis in their bodies: Pina Bausch as a praying mantis, Raimund Hoghe converted into a dung beetle, Vicente Escudero into a …



World Theater Day 2015

International message for 2015. and autor biography
video message

International Dance Day,  29 April 2014

International Dance Day, 29 April 2014
Read Mourad Merzouki’s Message
Message by Mourad Merzouki and video

World Theatre Day – 27 March 2014

World Theatre Day 2014
Brett Bailey’s Message

Wherever there is human society, the irrepressible Spirit of Performance manifests.
Under trees in tiny villages, and on high tech stages in global metropolis; in school halls and in fields and in temples; in slums, in urban plazas, community centres and inner-city basements, people are drawn together to commune in the ephemeral theatrical worlds that we create to express our human complexity, our diversity, our vulnerability, in living flesh, and breath, and voice.
We gather to weep and to remember; to laugh and to contemplate; to learn …


Croatian Theatre Showcase
Zagreb, November 28 – December 1, 2013
Dear colleagues and guests,
This year’s showcase is an attempt to gather all the most interesting efforts of Croatian theatre in the past year, regardless of whether they’re luxurious productions of the large institutions or the well kept secrets of the independent scene. The chosen plays differ in their aesthetic aspirations, from classical dramatic theatre centering on a strong text, and post-dramatic variations to musical-poetic and dance performances. What is common to all chosen works is an uncompromising desire to formulate a strong …